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Something You Don'T Have To Read
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Something You Don'T Have To Read

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

You will never comprehend or feel
Depths of emotion experienced...
If that is not your wish.
To exploit yourself like this!

In the selection of each word...
Chosen for this poem,
You can decide to rest your curiousity.
This is being composed to take a different turn,
Upon a new road of a personal concern.

An expectation is not encouraged!
For you to decide if I should be bland,
Or flourish thoughts to crop upon a topic!
And whether or not it should be profound or grand.

But it is hoped,
You do not live a life promoting abstinence
From deep feelings felt.
Or deny yourself an appetite,
To explore sincerety without premeditation!
Hesitating initiates guilt that can overwhelm,
Those out of practice!
Or those relaxed and dressed in kilts!

'I'm looking for rhyme...
Not reason!
And I may not be doing neither!
Since it has been a while,
I have been under anesthesia! '

This is not weakness to muffle,
Seeping from a heart that feels.
Nor does it diminish a strength...
One has to boast about with zeal!
If what is felt is real,
Let it flow!
Whether rehearsed or not,
Let it go!

Others do not have to know!
And 'this' composition when completed...
Is something you don't have to read...
To seek confirmation or validate,
That which exists and feeds your need!
Although I hope it pleases,
Those who enjoy these brief mental teases!

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