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Something You'Ve Done
( / Connecticut)

Something You'Ve Done

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

You know what you are.
Did my validation,
Confirm your findings?
Did you take a survey...
From those whose opinions you trust?
Was there a collective thought about you...
That boosted your ego up?
Or was any reality gained...
To refrain from making excuses?
Something I was never taught to do,
While living in the projects.
And in poverty too!
But you know what you are!
Unfortunately you don't like what you see.
And what is observed is of your making!
A sense of living out your own fantasies.
Something you've done and now can not believe.
It will help if you awakened from your faking.
Your dramatics have bored,
And have become ignored!
Although that task of hiding behind a mask,
May for you be heartbreaking!
But removing shallowness from your mind,
Will not be shattering or Earth shaking...
At all!
Not for those who have not overdosed on you.
And can see right through,
That crumbling wall you seem to think
Some can not see you for you!
And those tired attitudes you cling to!
It's about 'life'!
And how others are living theirs...
Is not being consumed by thoughts of you!
This too I am sure you will not believe!
No one I know think of you as their dependency!

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Comments (2)

Thank you, Michael. I am thrilled my tasks are being duly noted.
Lawrence - this you consider what? Your poems are more like illiterate rants!