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TS Tarun Sharma (05 April 1985 / Tezpur)


Time pass like sand
you are sitting cross hands
Dreams come in day
about the time that has sway

You recall all your friends
and you say sorry to all the friends
to not calling them
to not remembering them

You cry and shout on walls
echo greets you and recalls
that another beautiful day has gone
you were dreaming and you're still alone

You run to your mother
and to father
You hug them tight
and then comes a light

a light of truth and hope
that you will cope
of all the bad things past
and leave the dreams that lost

Sometime nothing sees
everything becomes mess
but you know it's important
to talk to your heart to wake the ignorant

and then you see the magic
it's taking place and is strategic
You love me I know my friend
I also thought sometime my friend

Sometime my friend

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