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Poem By Desiree Whitamore

Soemtimes you cry but no one sees your tears.
Sometimes you hurt, but no one sees your fear.
Sometimes life looks like it’s going great, but destiny takes a turn. Sometimes your heart is sinking but you don’t know why it burns.
There are things that make us believe nobody can stop our pain.
And it hurts that you’re right and these feelings never change.
Many people stop and stare and judge when they look your way.
But they don’t know that in the end your generation will rule the world one day.
When the tears roll down your face you know your life is wrong.
They said that you’ll be happy but you didn’t think it would take so long. All your hope goes to your dreams that you make up in your mind.
And all you can do is wait for those dreams you’ll one day find.

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