Sometimes I forget to say how much I love you
Sometimes I run out of words to mean I do
Sometimes I don’t know that I’ve hurt you
Many times I say sorry, forgive me, too

Sometimes I think of only but myself and me
Sometimes I don’t listen to your own plea
Sometimes I do things you don’t like to see
Many times I wonder if there’s still we

Sometimes we face the toughest and hardest time
Sometimes we almost give up for the precious dime
Sometimes we don’t reach for the highest clime
Many times I dream of you in my wondrous rhyme

Sometimes it’s not enough to make you stay
Sometimes I know we’d like to run away
Sometimes we think we’d end that way
Many times I kneel down and to God I pray

Sometimes is not the only time I care about what’s true
Sometimes at night I don’t stop dreaming of us two
Sometimes is not the only instance I think of my baby, too
Many times I never cease loving only but YOU.

by alejandro bernardo

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