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Sometimes I dream about you and me
But often times it is you I see
In my dreams you always come to me
And I don't know how it came to be

Sometimes you read what's on my mind
It's as if we are together bind
And there's you and me, all we could find
We are always in each others mind

Sometimes I feel like I'm a princess
When you melt me with those warm kisses
I even feel like I'm a goddess
With all your sweet and gentle caress

Sometimes thinking of you makes me smile
And every moment feels like worthwhile
Even if I can't cross a single mile
To be with you even for a while

Sometimes I say a little prayer
That we would stay this way forever
And that we will hold on together
Hoping that time will make us stronger

Sometimes your presence is everywhere
As to protect to love and to be there
When at times I feel lost and weaker
You're always there to make me stronger

Sometimes we are mad at each other
And say bad things to one another
But deep inside we need each other
Like a friend, a pal, or even a lover

Sometimes you make me feel like singing
And shouting, and crying, and laughing
Can't admit but it's just like saying
You give me a reason for living.

Dedicated to someone who does not even know that he is special....

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Sometimes I dream that I am this man to hold you tight with kisses so warm for my heart is longing for someone to love forever such a poetic woman. take care, melvin
THIS one is great 'Sometimes I feel like I'm a princess When you melt me with those warm kisses' and he dint know he is special? ? a bit weird