Poem By James Waters

Sometimes I laughed
Mostly I cried
That is until I died

Sometimes they loved me
When they weren’t drunk or stoned
Mostly they ignored me and left me alone

Sometimes they’d beat me
When they were mad at the world
And laughed at the blood caused by the beer can they hurled

Sometimes they would hug me
Like you hug something you hate
Then say “there are you happy you little ingrate”?

Sometimes I tried to ask why
Why they hated me, what had I done?
They’d answer “Because you’re a girl, we wanted a son”

Sometimes I can still hear the click of the gun
My drunken father pointed at me
Can still here his laughter, still feel his glee

Sometimes I am glad I no longer feel the pain
That the earth hugs me so tight
For no longer do I tremble with fright


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