Sometimes I hate it, when it rains,
Eyes demand tears & heart’s full of pains.
The hot cup of coffee, oh I can’t hold it,
Soul denies it all, disgust run through my veins.

Sometimes, I hate it when the sun emerges out,
I hate the change, I hate the shout.
I feel so lonely, so down and so blue,
The clock ticks moments like a bitter brew!

I’m shattered, I’m gone, and my senses are dead
Oh, I can’t bear it and I fall on the bed.
Tears leave eyes to lighten the heart,
I think of you and my conscious abort.

That night, I close my eyes and I dream of you,
The joy spreads around, when I see you.
Flowers of your smile blossom in my dream place
And the dark night, cracks with dawn’s rays.

I open my eyes, with a smile on my face,
I want to hold you in a deep embrace.
I get up and I run, I run so fast in pursuit of you
In search of the place, where my dream comes true! ! !

by Krunal Harne

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thanx a lot :) i'll try my best! !