Poem Hunter
(15th May 1972 / Birmingham)


Poem By Stefan nnn

I sometimes wonder if I was there
Once I thought I caught a glimpse of someone
Who looked kind of like me
In a shop window
But it may have been a trick of the light
Light can me such a misleading thing
There is safety in darkness
Isolation and peacefulness perhaps

You would think that had I been there
Were I here
There would be some concrete evidence
Some elegant eloquence
Some statement that could be seen
As incontrovertible
But there isn't
Just a jacket that could be anyone's
A hat that could be mine

I remember stone stairs leading to an apartment
Dusty wooden floors
It had been empty quite some time
A window seat
Looking down over a cobbled square
Through time stained glass
I may have sat there
Watching children chasing pigeons

Can memories lie?
Or lies remember?
Did I lie there beneath ornate cracked plaster
That cold September

A paint peeling chair
A wardrobe with a door that would never shut
An old old box that had brough tea from the orient
Turned upside down for a table
Tabula rasa...
It is gone, a fleeting dream
Not what was
What might have been

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