Poem Hunter
PA (9th July 1985 / Singapore)


When piled with negative happenings
people break down time to time
the power of the unknown
mysterious yet maddening
seducing yet saddening
it makes and it breaks
it rewards and it steals
it crawls and it speeds

nothing is right and wrong
eventually people just have to swallow it all in
nevermind whether it is bearable or not
people can choose to escape
from unwanted hurt and ideals

Severe unpleasant sensation - Pain
Physical / emotional suffering - Hurt
Deprieved of feelings - Numb
In the state of dazed - Stunned
Damaged and unfunctionable - Paralysed

When absorption isn't possible, Don't
When mending cannot be done - Break
When arriving at the end - Self-Deceive
When reaching explosion - Escape
When being hurt - Leave

Somehow, Someday, Somewhere
Everything was nothing but a little hiccup
that even relating would seem a problem
Caused by a failing memory
All that one can see
is haziness, blurriness and vague familiarity.

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