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Sometimes I Can Walk Away

Sometimes I Can Walk Away

Poem By Deborah Jeanne Avila

Sometimes I can walk away,
Turn the other cheek and
Find joy in the lilies of
Life's wide field-
But in the passage of Time
The pace of growing Seasons,
reality sows hardness
Like looming mountains-
Granite weight builds upon
My sinking shoulders,
And what is a gift is set aside
As burden-
Suddenly, halting by faith's pull,
Reaching for the altar within,
And placing my small offering
Upon prayer's perfect shield-
The bandages fall and reveal
New Light from the east,
Bursting in priceless gold.
And slanting my Self to Him-
The Bread melts into my
Soul, as pure substance-
Filling the need to be,
more, more than just Human-
jThe water beckons clear, 'drink'
And taking the tiny paper cup
To my thirsting lips He enters,
Giving me the Forgiveness meal.

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Comments (3)

Very beautiful poem.Thank you.
Beautifu, beautiful and beautiful When we least expect it, when life has lost its meaning He is there to lift us up - and nothing will ever be the same...A very beautiful poem, the words come to you and they seem to love you...More poems please...With love Pia
Beautiful piece, Thank You.