Sometimes I Can Walk Away

Sometimes I can walk away,
Turn the other cheek and
Find joy in the lilies of
Life's wide field-
But in the passage of Time
The pace of growing Seasons,
reality sows hardness
Like looming mountains-
Granite weight builds upon
My sinking shoulders,
And what is a gift is set aside
As burden-
Suddenly, halting by faith's pull,
Reaching for the altar within,
And placing my small offering
Upon prayer's perfect shield-
The bandages fall and reveal
New Light from the east,
Bursting in priceless gold.
And slanting my Self to Him-
The Bread melts into my
Soul, as pure substance-
Filling the need to be,
more, more than just Human-
jThe water beckons clear, 'drink'
And taking the tiny paper cup
To my thirsting lips He enters,
Giving me the Forgiveness meal.

by Deborah Jeanne Avila

Comments (3)

Very beautiful poem.Thank you.
Beautifu, beautiful and beautiful When we least expect it, when life has lost its meaning He is there to lift us up - and nothing will ever be the same...A very beautiful poem, the words come to you and they seem to love you...More poems please...With love Pia
Beautiful piece, Thank You.