Sometimes I Wish

Sometimes I wish that I didn't feel like this
that my heart didn't control me the way it does
that everytime i saw your face I didn't smile
That your very laugh didn't warm my heart
that i could just leave, walk away
that you meant nothing to me
but you do, you mean so much
everyday it grows even stronger than before
it's forceful more than I ever thought i could endure
it's confusing and I don't know why
Happiness and pain reside
tears and laughs fill
too much to keep still
Somtimes I wish I were braver
that my fear didn't hold me back from what i wanted to do
that i could say what i really want
is you

by Chocolate Bunny

Comments (2)

great work....lot of real feelings in the poem and the way you have got the course of the poem is simply superb...nice rhymes...
o my goodness. i love this poem. this is how i have been feeling alot lately. wow you described it so well. word for word. you are a true poet. great job