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Sometimes I Wonder
SW (Midnight on July 31,1991 / Spring Branch> TEXAS :))

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder,
Will I come through?
Can I make it to the other side?
And also, will you?
As I walk through the rain,
I can count on a few,
And when sometimes they leave me,
I wonder, should I pursue?
God didn’t promise,
As I walk through this life,
Skies without clouds,
Or storm without quiet.
Maybe someday, I’ll understand,
When I’m coming up to
The end of this land.
The day is approaching,
I know the time is near,
When the end of all things
Will end all things here.
Asking myself this,
What still will be left?
Can all this nothingness,
And this worldly mindset,
Be pleasing to the one,
Who made the sun rise and set?
Why do they taunt?
And say, “You are wrong”?
When my king is coming and theirs
Lies underground.
Mine conquered death,
Theirs only died,
Mine lives again
Theirs, death has tied.
My silent prayer,
Comes from the heart,
Lord save these people,
And can I be a part?
Be a part of your plan,
To change many hearts,
For the kingdom that lasts,
Has neither end nor start.
And as you also
Walk through the storm,
Remember what it’s about,
Who you are living for.
Not for this world,
Nor mans empty gain,
You are living for him,
Who restored your soul again.

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I see the wonderer in deep thoughts of this unending journey. Splendid Starr!