Sometimes I Wonder

When you look at her
Dose your heart even remember me

When you hold her tight and taste her lips
Do you remember the taste of mine?

When she whispers I love you so much
Is her voice as soft and gentle as mine?

When she lies on your chest to fall asleep
Dose your heartbeat with total love

When she showers with you and the water, falls over her face
Dose she smile with the thought of just being with you

When you are hurt or are disappointed with your day
Dose she lay by your side to hear what you have to say

When your eyes wait to she her dose your heart race
As mind did for many months and days,

And when you finally fall asleep and your eyes close for the night
When l you wake in the morning will you know your choices were right?

As I lay with my head on the most precious thing I have
I wake up wondering who I am,
I look in the mirror and see a shell of what my life truly is
For I am not who I seem to be and no where near the person
I want to be,
So I get showered, and dressed I go to start my day,
I place my Puppy, back on my bed, to keep him
Safe till I return to him in the late hours of the night

Now think really hard was the decision you made

Really and truly Right

by Mona Palacios

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