~sometimes In Supplication

Sometimes In Supplication

Sometimes in supplication,
Or just in earnest prayer,
I kneel beside my bed, and then
I feel Him lift my care.

But other times I’m lying,
Cradled snugly in my bed,
When joyfilled words of thanks I raise
By thoughts within my head.

What comfort, this, to realize
No matter what the case,
He sees and He does not despise
The position or the face.

Sometimes my weary eyelids
Force me into sleep
Before my prayer is ended,
Without my thanks complete.

Then, when I wake refreshed once more,
I thank Him once again
That what was hours of sleep to me
Was just a pause to Him.

by Adeline Foster

Comments (7)

I love this poem Adeline as I love your poems! Thank you for sharing with me
It it our part to cry out to God and He's part is to refresh us...nicely written (y)
I like this poem.I have more poems about God and it never ceases to amaze me how people never comment on poems written about Him.I know God is real and He is the reason we all have our being. He deserves so much thanks and never gets it. Nice job.
i see u r a religious person...very nice poem...very christian indeed. i would like you to read WRITTEN IN MIDNIGHT HOUR and ITS A STAR, ITS A SURREAL HOPE
What a wonderful poem, full of and a superb example of grace. Very good!
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