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Sometimes It's Best To Be Alone!
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Sometimes It's Best To Be Alone!

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

You with the temper fits,
Need to sit and listen...
To your moans.

You can not handle it,
Those situations committed...
You initiated and condoned.

And you make attempts,
To bring your nonsense...
Inside of others' homes.

The troubles that afflict,
Begins with an outside prodding...
That started your sighing and groans.

And an attention you sought,
Has been denied...
By those you thought were close,
And you could annoy over the telephone.
Those you believed stood by your side.

Sometimes it's best to be alone!

One day you will admit,
Your selfishness has to quit.
Let it decease. Let go!
Move away from it...
On your own.

To become strong with a stiff upper lip,
Can and should do the trick!

It's best to be alone!

And knowing this will keep you from getting hit!
From someone on the edge,
You have made to show...
They too can go ballistic!
Made mad and deranged,
And quite tired of all your ssshhh...
All of it!

Oh yes...
One day you will awaken to admit,
Sometimes it is,
Best to be alone!
To mend and fix your own issues.
Or be laid knockout flat on your back...
Without a choice!

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Very well said Sir Lawrence. God's Blessings, Peace, Linda