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Sometimes It Takes A Tragedy

Sometimes it takes a tragedy
to help us see things clear,
and then we get a glimpse of life
without our loved ones here.

The busy days of real-life
go by with such a flash
and then you're in the hospital...
the whole world seems to crash.

We've dodged another bullet.
We're given one more day.
Let's make a promise to ourselves
to not forget to say...

Your breath comes forth just for me,
your lungs still rise and fall.
I'll always be beside you
with just a simple call.

The heat from you while sleeping
can take away my chills.
The way you keep me laughing
and showing me new thrills.

I know our days are numbered.
It has to end one day.
Please let it be many years from now
when one of us goes away.

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life is that way! Go on
What a moving poem Mary - so well crafted. It gets a 10 but if there was a 11 or a twelve out of 10 you get that too. Thanks for sharing Uday Balakrishnan
Great thoughts, for it took a tragedy to start my career in poetry. Time waits for no one, You find this out when you reach my age. read your work every day. charles garcia
Next time I'm about to let difficulties with a loved one get out of hand I'll remember the sentiment driving this beautifully tailored and emotive poem. Thank you.
Affirmation in the face of all that frightens us - good work!
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