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Sometimes My Head Was A Pantomime
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Sometimes My Head Was A Pantomime

Poem By Kate Hutson

Sometimes my head was a pantomime,
(Oh no it wasn’t … oh yes it was)

Comedie de l’arte.
You twisted and I tumbled,
My confusion palpable,
Singing the slap stick
As the chorus joined in,
All smiles and tapping.

Boo-hiss the baddie,
(Felt like me but I knew it was you)

Or more a Greek tragedy:
You cast my role
As we coalesced.

Didn’t you say you loved me?

Mesmerised, rooted
In symbiosis in your spot light,
The Furies tormented me,
And still your play unfolded.

And still I stayed,

Maybe it was masochism,
But I know I loved you.

The curtain fell a while ago
And I left the stage.

Didn’t you notice?

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Comments (1)

I like the first line and the references to theatre throughout. And not the horribly cliched re-makes of 'all the world is a stage and we are the players'. No, this added freshness to the idea.