Sometimes, Sometimes

Sometimes I like to try
Curl into a bottle and hide
From those thoughts about me
Those thoughts which haunt
Those annoying thoughts
Those keep you awake thoughts

Sometimes I spend hours writing
Days taken over by the tap, tapping
Of the keyboard or the scratching
Of a pen against paper
Sometimes I don't write for days
Sometimes it's weeks, I hate those times

Sometimes I listen to poetry readings
Perhaps too lazy to read myself
Or just enjoying another voice
I like to imagine others reading
That which I call my poetry

Sometimes I do all of the above
And Sometimes, well I guess
Sometimes is never enough

by Matthew Holloway

Comments (3)

Sometimes it's never enough or maybe too much, a very honest poem Matthew, thank you for sharing.
beautiful writings on the Sometimes // sometimes life is happy sometimes life is sorrow that's why sometimes I become crazy and sometimes I wail for good morrow.....
A well written poem, Matthew......10+++++++++