(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

' ' ' ' Sometimes The Job Gets To Ya! (For Lyn)

He is tired
of Life.

Comes in after a hard day's work...
...lights a long tipped French cigarette.

Takes a long slow drag.
Takes a quick sip
of an Australian Chardonnay.

Switches on(by remote)
the Abba DVD

sings along to; KNOWING ME...KNOWING YOU.

He likes to do
the 'Ahhhh...ha! ' bits.

The two guys look like
trolls...it's the girls

he admires.

Fancies Agnetha first then
fancies he fancies Anfrid too.

Surfs the net.
Deletes the junk mail.

Would like to kill 'em all.

He sharpens his scythe
wishes someone
would updat the symbolic tools.

He feels such
a fool

carting it about
& black

...was never his colour.

'Come to bed, love! '
calls out Mrs. Death

(eager to jump on his bones)

Death hangs
his scythe up.

Grins that deathless grin

that makes her
shiver all over.

Death smiles:

'Coming love...coming! '

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Comments (1)

This blows me away! ! Death (and I) playing ABBA until the record is worn out, then frantically searching for a CD of their work! ! My all time favorite group...and I didn't think the guys were too 'Trollish! ! ' Loved this one!