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Sometimes There Is Goo And No Gah
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Sometimes There Is Goo And No Gah

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Love is not all goo and gah.
Sometimes there is goo and no gah,
And lots of...
Ugh! Geeessshhh.

Especially that day when one awakens,
To look at a calendar.
Not any calendar!
The one the days have been checked off.
With a little note as a reminder...
'I survived.
How many more of these,
'For Better or For Worse' days I've got to deal with? '

But hang in there.
Some folks are just in it for the wedding ceremony.
After that...
Many more are looking for something else to do.
And finding someone else to do it with too!

~I thought you said you were divorced? ~

Your point is what?
Don't let my youthful glow...
Trouble free lifestyle and happiness fool you.
I have had those days when I overcook my scrambled eggs.

And just the other day,
I abruptly had to end listening to my favorite music.
I ran out of Green Tea.
And I was just at the store.

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