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Sometimes, You Just Have To Break The Roof
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Sometimes, You Just Have To Break The Roof

As the fire fails to light
And the stars fail to shine
It rains outside and
The population in the room burgeons
The legendary cries pursue
You sit on the beanbag with 'The Crimson' from Atreyu
And withdraw in your hood, flat spin-d
And wanting to be in-situ

While HE is watching you.

Your eyes breed tears which fail on buoyancy
WHY have your folks become so obtuse?
'Do you need water, child? '
'Did they pass you the fruits? '
'What's up! ' says the damned expeditious one
And thankfully 'the eyes' turn away from you.

HE is still watching you.

Their twitching noses and complaining whispers
Turn to oval lips under the bleached whiskers
As that stud transverses over you
'May he rot' pray the likes of you.

Then withdrawing again into the shadows
Of the treacly crowd
When you join the dark
He is watching you.

Your eyes, done with the breeding, follow their hero
As he, most majestically, traverses across the room
You imagine yourself walk, tripping on every foot that obstructs
While he glides like a vampire in a swagger so absolute.
His jubilation becomes the cause of your forlorn truth

Why, He is still watching you.

They all raise a toast, now
For the success and better future of the one better than you
The neglect instills in your mind
Right then, David calls to talk about 'Luke'
He tells you the story of how the paralysed man intrudes
And meets Him, nonetheless. Persistence proves.
It all rings a bell
As the dog chews your pantaloons

You peek out of the window, and station your eyes above
On something that your logical mind finds abstruse
And He looks back with a wink
And you know that

He is watching you.

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A refined poetic imagination, Roof. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.