Love Never Runs Dry

love never runs dry
when you feel like love is running out
create more love in your heart to love more people
or just love someone you are loving, more
amplify love from within you
love is never a treading among humans
you give when you can
you don't expect any return
its not how big the return is
its how much can you give
generate love to be shared with more people
for your heart never poor with love

if you set your heart free
from all that is holding you back
from all that is hurting you deep inside
you will have the ability to love
learn to let the magical of love into your heart
believe in the sincerity of love
believe in the purity of love

love when there is a chance to love
love when there is someone to love
love when you feel love
love because your heart needs love

by Happy Place

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hiya, meaningful poem u have here, keep it up gal!