Somewhere to go.
Through the many storms of life,
the rains, ice and snow.
With each step, with each tear,
with each change of a new year,
there is ever hunger of heart,
for somewhere to go.

The moving of life,
it moves, in so many ways.
Up and down, to and fro
it moves, changes in mood,
with every new and next day.
And the struggles of life, oh so real,
as real as the heart that travels along
in feeling, in tear, in voice, or in song.

So, somewhere to go.
each life it seeks, somewhere to grow.
Dispersed not like seeds by the wind,
but the core, for the heart to caress and to know.
So, somewhere to go, somewhere to go.
Ever, there is ever hunger of heart for,
somewhere, to go...

by (c) Colorofsky

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