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Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking
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Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking

We fight on amidst the flame of life
But somewhere a clock is ticking
Tyranny time’s tyranny
Melting illusion and confusion of life
Somewhere a clock is ticking
Lock picking at our soul
And our body as a whole
Ticking out of control
Life’s regrets, life’s upsets
Somewhere a clock is ticking
We believe that success is the answer
Happiness is the answer
But some where a clock is ticking
Time’s tyranny time’s tyranny

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i love this. because its so true. no matter what you do, you cant slow time down. you just take what you can and hope the next minute is better. to use the metaphor in your poem there is ALWAYS a clock ticking. for the rest of time. even when all clocks on earth have rusted, there will be a clock ticking...thanks for the insight. hearts gina