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Somewhere Deep Inside Your Denials Kept
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Somewhere Deep Inside Your Denials Kept

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Heckled by the hecklers,
Now found splintered by their own grief.
So easy was it for them to ridicule...
When they had the safety of employment,
And the backing of what they believed...
Was an economy strong to support their taunts!

Now haunted by their flaunting ways,
To portray themselves as a better class.
With some among them now asking why,
If they are so superior...
Why have those they've elected to protect them...
Blatantly ignore them and treat them like common trash?

Your trash has been common for quite a while!
That is what those of deceiving greed do.
Psych and hype up the minds to gain trust.
And suck up your resources...
While they ensure you are entertained by concepts of greed,
And the need to feed temptations and lust!

Then with a pinch of fear to inflict.
With a dominating hatred...
Towards those who are promoted as enemies.
Using one's color and religion as excuses to begin.

And then to spread the word,
They are coming...coming they are,
To destroy the interests of those addicted...
To a way of life nonexisting.
Only in the throes of propaganda!
As seen on TV and in commercial ads.

And then with that as a distraction...
All funds are pocketed and then they run!

Isn't that not obvious? '

~But we are children of the chosen! ~

'You have been chosen?
Oh yes.You have! Most definitely.
You have been chosen...

To be duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled, smoked screened...
Lied to with deceit and stripped of your resources.

And I'll refrain from calling you a sucker.
Somewhere deep inside your denials kept,
I am sure you now have a clue already hinting.
With a manifesting...
Supporting the widening of your eyes! '

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