Ex-Best Friends

Last week you got in a big fight with your best friend.
The two of you swore never to see each other again.
I can tell that you're sad because you'll no longer see each other.
When it comes to friends, you are out there trying to find another.
You can't end this friendship just because of a fight.
You should go find him and try to make things right.
You've been friends for nearly twenty years, you can't just throw that away.
You should salvage your friendship, go to him and patch things up today.

by Randy Johnson

Comments (4)

Sooo great this poem is si is the selection of poems and poets here. BUT, do yourself a favor - never listen to the automatic-icy voice that comes with the poems, it couldnt get any awful than this..
Awesome poem i like it
The very ultimate in love poetry....... Love it! How can this be anything other then a big fat 10! ! ! !
A beautiful piece of work. & a whole lot of imagination.