Somewhere I'Ve Never Been.....

in a little way, my bountiful dream I can offer
it for thee, in far wide ocean I can ride you
in my boat, in every stream my yesterdays
past is your to see and in your darkest
path ways I'll guide, for only my morning light
life can see you in every memory you will
be true

forward little soldier blue, in every battle you
must be hurry, full off your pocket and must be
ready, for every bullet thrown penny is not
exempted and in every triggers pull, every shot
has to fall, and if your wallet is empty everything
will not be so easy, make yourself busy and I will
make you happy

somewhere before in my youth I've never been
just only my mother has to take care of me, now that
I'm so lousy, I could hardly even eat a meal for a
day, let my buddies take all the responsibility, yet!
got an insult of being me, now that I shouldn't take
my yoke for easy, things has change my ways

sweat and flesh twist me out, my heart and my
mind bleeds me in, I want to take all out of me, the
world will hate and curse my day, rejoice where
I like to go and catch the sweet feather it flew, the
night is not ending and the sun is winning I must be
crazy for another day

now somewhere I've stand, amidst in the moonlight
shine for every passing time comes a wonderful
day of hope to stay, understand that somewhere
I must have done

by Antonio Liao

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