Somewhere, Someplace, Planet Earth

Poem By rita francis

From the red mountains, blue skies, and benthic valley's below
I searched for what to plan, nurture, and sow
through the arid dessert where I was abandoned to be
I found a way to reach into space and felt His hand touching me

From the buckwheats of yellow, pink, green, and blue
there were so many challenges that I had failed to notice the clue,
amidst the pain, tears, laughter, and rain
I found a way to think, greet, meet, and try again.

I tried to look for what to do with the anger, frustration, and vindictivity
and how to manage what was done to me
for all I saw when I was blind
I found a way to be facilitate, factualize, fantasize, forgive, and be kind

Although I lived many years, traveled around the world
I had to change, find out about the bubbly, swirly whirl
challenged, jumped, and make a changing voice
that manipulated my embroyonic, ameboic choice

There are people still so full of hate that still want to manipulate
the lives of people who are small and great
through the coral reef, kelp, and seaweed
they found a way to manipulate calcium, magnesium, and psp.

The inability to shape, direct, and manage fairly
through the copycats, angriness, venting, and lack of clarity
that recalls, drugs, and uses hypnotheraphy
to kills, drugs, cremate for replacement theory

For in reproductive epidemiological outbreak through the globe
they hired new faces, created new magazines for my board
to develop, manage, and redirect my famous CEOs
who didn't understand batesian mimicry, cajoling, and flighty flow

That moment in time where Aah! becomes whew! wosh! and whee!
to understand joules, amperes, voltage, current, and elasticity
on dreaming about time, matter, space, asteroid, and the universe
to cope with the battles, skirmishes, and visions, when I feel terse

Those imaginative, creative, visionary dreams
that finds, runs over, and trickles through the rocks of each slipstream
from the bubbling brook, river, lake, bay, and deep sea
I found a place to create harmony

That melodies sound of storming, norming, and finding musical tunes
for Jupiter, venus, nepture, pluto, the sun, starts, planets, and moon
from the plan, planet, and plants
that I achieved through creationary happenstance

That permitted love, friendship, honor, and truth to grow
despite the coveteousness, callous, leathery wrinkles in the snow
from the fences that form shadowy, yellow rays
that are created through arbitration, injunctions, cases, gruthra ura, and stays

For on day fifty-six, eighty-one on the twenty-first of January
history helped me remember neurochemistry
for we will always remember her beautiful ice
in 2003 to soar about appaliacias, antarticas, greenbelands, spice

that combinatorial processing of three-dimensionality
which understands singleness, duplicity, and multiplicity
made by creating and employing parametric f-stats
through my red, pink, blue, lime, green, purple, navy, and grey hats

Those covering created by all my best friend far and near
as tokens of friendship, love, and kinship hold so dear
for each 65 hats that were given through my marvelous experience
were vindicitively taken in the name of computing, engineering, and science

For in the end all who stole my head covering
took my hopechest created by my friendship ring
their bratty, jealous, opportunistic thievery
compromised everyone's privacy, safety, intellect, body, soul, and integrity

So when you travel from earth, land, and sea
and encounter my hats, remember me
Everything we did from the last century
which was destroyed by unmanaged jealousy

By the thallic, unscroupulous army
unable to permit women to live strogenically
through the strombolythic, benthic layer
I discovered the milky, exotic flavor

That celebrates harmony and unseen beauty
in the vicious greedy cycle employed by plastic surgery
the scapel that cuts, unfolds, and hires hits
replaces documents, videotapes, and employs batesian mimics

For when courage fails to be encourage and threat avails
the retard, pain in the ass will set sail
in the most simple, stupid idyllic imaginative fantasy
about life, life, truth, honor, justice, and liberty

That permits, respects, difference of kindred heart, spirit, and mind
that was found through serendipity's shell of atomic, particulating kind
despite the jade embed diamond ring

For as we grow, stretch, jump, twist, and careen
there are opportunities to laugh, love, cry, and dream
about beautiful places in space, energy, temperature, and time
that one creates from memory's unraveling vine

As the roots ick up the water, nutrients, and start to grow
the gardener learns to weed, nurture, tie, and supplement each row
through the sunny days, shadows, and rain
that teaches me how to live again

So as the streams get longer, flowers bloom
through the night, drought, and monsoon
from hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms bellow
I learned from Thoreau, Keats, and Longfellow

About nurturing nature's tempermental change
that permits over mountainous range
to go from rivers and valleys below
to snowcapped, icy mountains of snow

from water tables to polluted lakes
where life thrives despite our human mistakes
for after the bloom grown into fruits of love's labor
we are nourished with fragrant flavor

So as the seeds are harvested and husks are strewn
we celebrate nature's fragrant blooms
developed through our circles of love
protected by the gardner's glove

for as dirt becomes life and the cycle ensues
remember earth's hints and clue
that changes despite vanity's greedy bells
that chimes beyond benthic swells

For birthing means taking a chance from death's knife
when combinatorial processes aren't right
for when all that is said and done
the thallic army exemplifies everything under the sun

For in the end, there is a time to reap and sow
a place for one's heart to dream and go
where kindreds, kindships gaze meets though happenstance
and our sound find harmonics to pendiculate, sing, cry, hope, and dance.

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