Poem By Alex Gomez

Somnambulism is ubiquitous in our society.
Many individuals sleepwalk involuntarily.
We exist with eyes shut, oblivious to our surroundings.

We remain in a perpetual hibernating state.
As we display the slightest sign of regaining consciousness,
They force feed us lies to go back to sleep.

The verisimilitude of these false truths is convincing.
Our ignorance shades us from the grimness of reality,
Which produces the blissful perfection we believe we reside within.

Unbeknownst to Them, though, I pried my own eyes open.
My ocular cavities bore witness to our enslavement.
We are all merely victims of Their zombification.

To all somnambulists, cease consuming your sleeping pill of lies,
Regain your consciousness for the first time.
Exist. Obliterate the seal of sleepiness over your mind.

Combined and awake, we must annihilate the Sandman.
Revolution is a principle that we were founded on,
So let Them bring forth a war in which we cannot lose.

Our eyes will stare into Their blackened souls.
Victory shall be achieved.
A new passage will be transcribed in history.

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