WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Somrit Mellers

Somrit Mellers

Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Thursday, February 10,2011, @ 1: 38 PM

Sacrifices I'll make to give you it all

You caught me, honey, when I was about to fall

I'll shower you with all my love and affection

You showed me the light for you're my redemption

Nights we shared filled with so much pleasure

No one compares to you they don't even measure

Through the years our love will constantly get better

I'll stay by your side no matter whatever

From the tip of your head to the bottom of your shoe

Don't you know how much I really love you?

With you anything I'll try for nothing is taboo

Anything in this world for you I'll do

Your deepest desires in me you can confide

No mountain to high and no ocean too wide

Inside your love, my toes always curl

You are my wife and my favorite girl

You are my life and my one and only

With you no longer I shall ever be lonely

I promised you my very heart and soul

With your love, my heart's in cruise control

Here is my hand to have and to hold

Whatever you need for I'll never say never

I want to hold you here on and forever

I could watch you sleep all night and day

I'll never get bored in any which way

You are an angel divine and I'm so glad you're mine

I love you, baby, nine times ninety-nine

I'll worship you my little lotus flower

My passion for you will never ever sour

From your love, I could not ever cower

It's your love I want each and every hour

A vow I've made I take it sincerely

My oath to you I take seriously

You're a vision to me of perfection

You've pointed my life in the right direction

By your beauty, I am smitten

Your name on my heart it is now written

Down and out my heart was once broken

But now I love you more than any words ever spoken

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