WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)



Written by Wilfred Mellers, Wednesday, August 18,2010, @ 12: 21 PM

You are delicious, nutritious, and a bit auspicious

You are incredible, unforgettable, and so eatable

You are sweet, neat, and totally complete

You are exciting, inviting, and from your heat, I am melting

You are hot, you hit the spot, and I love the flower you got

It is you I adore

For your love, I'll stand in a downpour

You leave me always wanting more

My passion flares in you boudoir

Your love I can never ignore

A night of rapture we'll explore

The curtains fall and the crowd screams encore

My torpedo I now deplore

As the lion in the jungle start to roar

I am a fish caught in your lure

The bed burns as if a movie hardcore

My love for you I now outpour

From the bed to the floor

I give you more galore

I will work my back until it gets sore

All this and more tonight is in-store

Turn off the lights and close the door

Shall I go deeper, are you sure?

Plunging ever deeper to find the core

Your faith in pleasure I shall restore

From outside to your indoor

My tongue follows every contour

I am a wild beast in bed, the centaur

For tonight I'll be your man-whore

Beat me, bite me, and treat me as you will

For every orifice tonight I will fill

Let me show you my skills

When I am done I'll leave you with the chills

Let me nibble you on your ear

I want to kiss you everywhere

Hold on tight for down goes the throttle

Areola fed I the baby on the bottle

Juices flow as member grows

wasted none for the night has just begun

bombs burst in the air as I remove your underwear

massaging your rack as I mount you from the back

Shades of blue turn black

As you brace for the attack

Your flower will be jam-packed

For I will not leave your little kitten intact

No time to react

Ever pushing harder in the sack

Full concentration for nothing can distract

For you body I just hijacked

A night that you will soon not forget

I licked ever crevice that was wet

Every expectation met

If it is more you want, more you will get

Like sweet melodies coming from a guitar

Sensational woman you really are

I am like a cat on a high wire

From your love I can never tire

Comforted in your arms I lay

I can't think of a better way to spend the day

Love you always and that is for keep

Drifting now silently sleep

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