Son Of God

As my eyes moved over your face thoughtfully
And thoughtlessly your eyes went across the fence
Knew what I wanted to say had been said before
Left no trace! Opted to walk down the lane
An angel appearing from the fag end of lustily crowded memory lane
Came, conjured in split, and me met with a virgin called woman
Wanderer for fervor to gallop downs all those feelings!
Abrupt ending to the whimsical dreams
Unlimited at my end but she uttered –“Who are you? ”
“Me” never thought before
What to say, a toreador waiting for his turn
Left alone in front of red-eyed bull to fight to survive for
Curls of your lips, gaze of your eyes and for all that, I never felt before!
Winds to chill through, ice in my eyes
Felt to run away for that warm sunshine with a ray of hope
No, changes are paranoid for esteemed stake
Blue bedspread and moving sand beneath our feet
Dreamy eyes looking at sea shore,
Uncovering realms of water and fading stories underneath
A shark appears, gallops down water azure and dives back,
With out murmur and spending moments to sputter
I yell, said “ I’m son of god
Yeah Son of God, no stones to hurl and no coins to through away.”

Anurag Tiwari

Copyright ©2003 Anurag Tiwari

by Anurag Tiwari

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