EH (dec 29/60 / Perth NB)

Son On Earth

One day as the world lay sleeping

God looked down and heard heart felt sobs.

He thought and wondered what he could do to help.

He didn't want to see any of his children hurting.

Then he said..I will give him knowlege,

And with these tools will come understanding.

I'll give him a big heart to feel heartbreak

And then the eyes to see sorrow.

The willingness to see mistakes as mistakes.

To know that forgivness is here for the asking.

And to forgive as soon as its asked.

Then the willingness to forgive ones self.

When this is all learned and understood.

I'll give him the strength to endure and love.

To look upon himself with respect for the man hes become.

A love of life he never had and a reason to go on.

The ability to turn short dark days into something good.

And bright sunny days to enjoy in his heart.

To know his father in heaven loves him and always will.

Heartfelt wishes always sent his way, now and forever.

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