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Son, Say No To Drugs....
RS Ravi Sathasivam ( / )

Son, Say No To Drugs....

You are born as a beautiful child.
Your parents had a dream to make you
a wonderful and worthy child
They did their best for you with
their struggle and pain.
Now they have pain in their heart to know
you are taking drugs
Their worries and pain in their heart you can not see
The tears on their face, you can not wipe
They have loved you and taken care on you.
Why should you take drugs
These are bad for you and kill you slowly
They make you crazy and lazy
Your cough will take your parents breath away
Your ruin health will kill your parents slowly
Not only you ruin your life but also your parents
Say no to drugs and save your life
Say no to drugs and take your parents worries away
Say no to drugs and save your nation's future
You have dream and make it come true

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka

Copyright ©2004 Ravi Sathasivam

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Comments (4)

Very timely and hearty appeal indeed. How can we make " those children" to read this? ....... Thanks Ravi for sharing a very thoughtful theme.
An insightful piece on substance abuse well conceived and nicely brought forth with conviction. A beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing Ravi and do remain enriched.
thats wooooow thank you
A very nice poem, advising the son not to take drugs and alcoholic drinks.