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Sonderschool (Satis Shroff)
SS ( / Dharan)

Sonderschool (Satis Shroff)

“Halt’s Maul, Du Missgeburt! ”
Says one to the other.
‘Halt dein Mund, Du Jude!
Ich hasse Juden, Mann! ’ barks an obese Hauptschuler.

The others play football in the classroom.
The teacher says emphatically,
‘It’s forbidden to play soccer here! ’
They reply in chorus:
‘It doesn’t disturb anybody.’
A grey-blonde teacher barges into the room and says:
‘Leben Sie hier noch? ’ to his colleague.
Are you still alive?

Boris has an appointment with the police.
They nabbed him stealing a car.
Nicky quips to Suleika:
‘Du hast einen fetten Arsch!
Gebärfreudige Hintern.’
Albin runs helter skelter,
Settles down on a table,
Chewing gum between his yellow teeth,
Doesn’t like authority.

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Langston Hughes


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