Someone Out There

Love is not lost
It is always there
He is out there
He loves you but just hasn't met you

He understands you
Believes in you
His eyes reflect you, see you
He is out there

You just have to find him

by Courtney Shanahan

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The youth is praised not only for his beauty, but for inward truth as well. Those whose beauty is composed only of externalities are compared to wild and scentless roses, whereas those who have inward worth, like the youth, are compared to true roses, which are grown for their scent as much as for their looks.
.. The comparison of the young man with a rose is a constant motif throughout the Sonnets, commencing with 1, then here, and in 67,95,98,99, and 109. In 67 it is also combined with truth.
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out
~Die to themselves. Sweet roses do not so; Of their sweet deaths are sweetest odours made: ~ ........wonderful sentiments expressed... when beauty as the rose leaves we hope there is a sweet joyful spirit which remains....nice write..