Poem By Ella Goodman

I hear some music from a far off land,
Distant voices in chorus sing song,
Oh! The symphony resonates through air,
Sweet melody play so fair.
Whose voices are those I hear?
What tale sung out I fail to decipher.

The wind it blows in frenzied speed,
Ruffling leaves mask out the words it brings.
I lay back, my ears erect and sharp,
To catch the theme that voices sound.
A strange revelation it dawns on me,
As if some soul sailing out in sea.

Perhaps the voice sings thus aloud,
To reach her temper to the one whose thought surround,
Perhaps some maiden in anguished pain,
Sing out her heart to drain out disdain.
Perhaps some weary longing heart,
Soothes the soul through voice of song.

The strain that lingers in the breeze,
The tune that flows miles through lea,
Some sweet remembrance of heart filled feels,
Fills my pitcher to wonder its zeal.
So many questions crops up in mind,
So many unpricked strings resonate inside.

Once more I strain my ears to pick,
The words of heart that into the night speak
Bestowed with million stars up high,
The vale it wakes to humm the tune of life,
Oh! I knew no greater eager feel,
To rush towards the voice that peel.

A thousand miles into the wild,
The pitch of voice explore all heights
The music I hear bolster my spirit,
Burning my heart to find the one for whom it breeds.
Perhaps some forlorn lover pours out through tune,
Joined by hearts that entice to soothe her wounds.

However much I think upon,
Contemplate the feel of song.
I know I shall stand across this coast,
While there shall lie the heart who cajole it's fawn
Clandestine feel shall delve in deep,
Pray I the intended heart catch up its spree,
And turn the tune to a vibrant muse
Of happy lurk befallen in crimson hues

Comments about Song

Such a nice poem, Ella. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.

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