Beautiful Friend

The story of a kind, loving mother, and a good friend.

On a beautiful sunny spring morning.
I met an island princess living far to the east.
The place where sunrises are born and cherry blossoms shine.

Her eyes were sparkling with kindness and trust,
a new friendship that would last forever was born.

Looking into her eyes seeing a bright sparkle, brighter than the sunshine.

Even back then I saw new life in her eyes,
I knew a beautiful Soul was waiting in Heaven to come to earth.
Never knew God was about to send her a daughter of beauty.

She is my good friend.
She is a kind friend.

She is the most tender loving mother.

She is my dear friend, my kind, friend, a loving mother.

She shines brightly every day. Even on the rainy days, she cries with love and kindness.

She is the brightest star in Seoul who kisses an Angel, her daughter every day.

She hugs her daughter with love and patience.

She is my dear friend, and she is beautiful, amazing,
and lights up the world with sunshine every day.

by Ronald Chapman

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