Poem By Elizaveth Banda

That song, it was my life
Now its my sorrow
I don't want to hear it
I don't want to know it
He gave me that song
And he took it away just as fast
Does he think of me
Or was it just a song
Please turn off, please go away
That song was my life, and now its my sorrow

Comments about Song

The song that he gave you The song that is sorrow The song that you sing Could let, like-lovers awake This song is just not yours Just let us all sing this.... ...... together with you! ! ! Sonia...... You are simply doing great with your poetry! !

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Im so sick of trying to move on
Im so sick of having to give up
why didn't i just say I was done
why didn't i just stop and realize i was already gone


I can cry, but why
All he did was break my heart
He just lied
He lied to me, the one thing that i couldn't deny


he made me laugh, he made me mad
but no matter what, i knew that he was mine
people judged, people laughed
no one knew he was my life

Unspoken Words

Looking back at all my memories
To remember that kiss
To remember the late nights of comfort
I'm glad I didn't know how he felt

I Dont Want To Hurt Him

I dont want to hurt him anymore
but my thoughts are of another guy
Everytime we kiss I'm thinking of that special guy
The one I see in my dreams and the one I think of in the mourning