(March 2nd,1984 / USA)


Every morning I arise to the sound of geese against sky—
wishing it were seagulls over grain.

Never to have been broken by love;
But by the notion: People are so easily fooled.

Once in a yellow moon in the depthened cold of
December nigh,

I nocturnally listen for your lusting high:
The hunt of the eyes of the young
Women for a leitmotiv in passion—

Divine. Rhythm.

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Comments (5)

leitmotiv, ok, i had to look up the word, very good.
Only the true poet could sing such a song. Very beautiul., Susan. Warmest regards, Sandra
And the song the breath makes as it passes from a lovers' lips. This is like that... poignant, beautiful and starkly real. Sing for the masses and the masses sing back, my dear friend.
How can one not pursue the melody of passion even though it vanishes quicker than a whisper? Always love your work, Sus. Uriah
Geese over seagulls, seagulls over geese, recurrent melodies of passion. Mystical and moving. Sing on. IDC