Song And Dance

Till dusk tomorrow
You play your lute;
Birds above your head
Supply needed chorus.

The wind punctuates the stanzas,
Happy melody and relief;
The calm rippling is
In your chest.

Pipe and reed
Supplement percussion;
Sekere and gong,
Added audiophones alluring.

Sing in synchronization,
Sombre symphony;
Mild and mellow,
Graceful and neat.

Tonic solfa
Supplies its own arithmetic;
The scientific art of music
Inspires the genius.

Clap your hands
And shake your lean bottoms;
You must dance
So the ballad is saved.

Dum dum da da da,
Haroo haroo ha;
Limdim cha limdim cha,
Songs from the skies.

Don't leave so soon,
Enjoy the song still;
We play on and on,
We do not stop.

by samuel nze

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