Song: Blue Dreaming

Poem By David SmithWhite

A blue horizon beckons,
'most every other day.
Transportin' me in seconds,
to somewhere far away.
The air is rich and fecund,
in strange exotic lands,
and I'm touched by such confections,
as cool erotic hands.

A heart so shattered and broken,
needs distance and time to repair.
Kind words, however soft spoken,
are nothin' without lovin' or care.

A blue moon risin' welcomes,
'most every other night.
Disportin' me in deleriums:
in a swoon of sheer delight.
All eyelash flutter and fashion.
All fears and doubts retire.
We're hurled through a swirl of emotion,
with new worlds to dream and aspire.

My heartbeat stutters, then quickens,
as if stroked by a sensuous choir.
And sweat like musk soon thickens,
the incense that sweetens desire.
A blue touch-paper passion,
shoots my rockets farther and higher.
Fingers that flirt with affection,
further stoke furnace and fire.

A blue-print of the future:
imagined but unattained.
A fabulous, mythic creature,
born of a fevered brain.
My blue, so blue, blue daydream:
a conceit, less a vanity.
Daydreamers dream their daydreams,
just to keep their sanity.

A daydream! A daydream! A daydream!
A secret, intense reverie.
Daydreamers dream their daydreams
to blunt their misery.

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