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Song: Die
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Song: Die

tell me what you feel
what's inside
never know
what to feel
never know when you're healed
go away leave me outside
in the rain pouring down
almost gone
soul inside
well there is none
cant you see
i am gone
save yourself
get away from me

never know
what is there
you cant know
what's possibly there
stop pretending
just go away
you stupid fool why do you stay?
just go away
save yourself
be that way, run away
hide you coward
fear abound

all around
going around
cant you see
infront of me
there is no future even left for me
just run away like you do
fear abound running around like a maniac going around and around
what do you see?
nothing ahead of me
wastefulness of a soul in me
just go away
away from me

you dont understand me
don't even try
i promise that i won't cry
love here never ends what is this place?
my love here is gone and can never be replaced

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