Song Eternal

Borne within a whisper that wafted on a breeze Crafted by a master that lighted all the seas. Gifted by the travelers and praised by all the earth Followed with devotion while forgiving those of dearth. Then burdened by some cobbles and burdened by a cross His walk amongst the scholars ne'er to be lost, He stood upon a hillside and was nailed to that cross, Weeping to His Father - Oh how this may have cost. He closed his eyes in sorrow in darkness void of glory And stunned the world to silence that soon would write this story - Then the wind did cease its breathing And the stars did close their eyes And then moon did stop its gleaming And the sun did leave the skies And time with no reason to hurry And space with nowhere to go He rose in the greatest of glory And man did come to know Song Eternal Song Eternal Song Eternal --- John Soovajian

by John Soovajian

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