Song For Aldo

There is a clown named Aldo
Who really is no writer
Disguising poetry we know
But he is just a Title Stealer

He is a literary psycho -
He's good at duplication,
Can't be original and so
Malignant are his actions.

POEM / AUTHOR..........................................................COPIED TITLE/

'April' by Ency Bearis 'April Song' by Kraas

'Freedom' by N. Ahmad 'Freedom Song' by Kraas

'Lies Cover Up' by C. Buhain 'I Covered Up My Lies'
by Aldo Kraas

'Her Final Reason' by sky dreams 'My Final Reason'.
by Aldo Kraas

'The Hand of Man' by Matt Mooney 'The Hand of The Woman'
by Aldo Kraas

'A Love Yet Forgotten' by Kelli Garner 'A Forgotten Love'
by Aldo Kraas

'The Catchers of Dreams' by K. Garner 'The Catchers of My Dreams
by Aldo Kraas

'Open' by Donell Dempsey 'Open' by Aldo Kraas (same

'he's gone again' by Adriana O'Connor 'She's Gone Again' by
Aldo Kraas

'Come Away' by Nicole Dotzenrod 'Come Away Clean' by
Aldo Kraas

'My Last Breath' by Sharayna Elridge 'Trying To Catch My Last
Breath' _Kraas

'A Nocturne for Sinners' by Edwina Reizer 'A Sonata for Sinners'
by A.Kraas

'Goodbye' by hated failure 'Goodbye Song' by Aldo

'Take A Moment' by C.Buhain 'Take A Moment Song'
by Aldo Kraas

'The Unreturning' by William Owen 'She Will Not Return'
by Aldo Kraas

: How Empty Should I Feel' 'How Empty I Am' by Aldo Kraas
by Vee Bee

'Hi Mom' by Arissa H.Castro 'Hi Mom Song' by Aldo Kraas

'A Moment in Time' by Weeping Willow

'A Moment in My Time'
by Aldo Kraas

'Creation' by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 'Creation Song' -Kraas


The pattern shows titles are changed a little by adding 'song' or changing some pronouns like 'he' to 'she' or adding 'my') and posted on the same day after other writers have posted their works.

by Ray Mathews

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