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Song For Summer
NS (05/06/1983 / Warrington)

Song For Summer

A day of tepid torpor
Should surely follow this commited night,
But when you live by the sword a disappointment
You'd better ensure you die by it right.
I once had a faint-hearted maiden
Who etched her name in my heart,
At arm's length she stood before me
Until our bonding was rended apart.

The quotations I used were pirated
But I meant every word I did say,
And while I didn't drink from the poet's bowl
I ate from the misanthrope's tray.
This maiden I owned did love me;
She told me once in a dream,
How I loved her feline ways
How I loved, how I loathed, how I screamed.

Reading me the riot act;
I was the embodiment of Male's pride,
Then the strangest feeling I ever did touch
Started to strangle me up inside.
No sooner had she left, I as broken,
The door she had opened stood ajar,
The tears were present - welling up my eyes;
She had left behind her favourite bra.

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