Sea Of Dreams

Far away into the sea of dreams
I see your figure beckoning me
I come in wishing to hold you near
and in wispering sentences into your ear
Lets bliss away into my dreams
Lets get away from dense regimes
But comfort has cut your throat
and all the things we could of have been seem remote
And all the prettiness of day comes flyng away
Like the moon with the day-you leave words left to say
and all dreams that were mine, become wistfully you
and all the pinkness of noon become deep heavy blue
-and all the sea of dreams become drained like you'n me

by Zeus Claumis

Comments (5)

Perfect pairing of for with the creative impulse. Glorious!
Having heart by heart, great poem with great imagery. Thanks for sharing.
Heat in heart......l see....great poem.
Another summer loath! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
.....a wonderful composition with amazing imagery ★