-((Letter For My Lovely Beauty Lady)) -

Dear My Darling.

I Remembered You Again Yesterday & I Need You By Force This Time…….

Yesterday I was walking in the street lonely a suddenly I saw a shadow running to me suddenly, This shadow was your picture it was you simply, Oh my darling you changed so much & you now have more beauty more than the past cause your beauty is increasing every day more & more my god bless you & protect you in whole your life, Honey let's try to fix our troubles that happen with us maybe we can solve them & we come back home again, I know all the faults was from me but you must to forgive me, You can see me now whole these years I'm alone, Every day I was waiting for your calling & see your number in the telephone but I didn't resave any call from you, Here I'm now honey in front of you asking you to forgive me at the end again & I'm ready to sleep outside in front of your home door under the snow & rain waiting for your forgive, Please my lovely lady I waste whole my life for you why you left me alone for a tiny thing is not necessary, You know when I walk in the street I see your pictures in all the time everywhere I hear your voice & I can smell your fragrance that I bought for you from the first time we met, Honey you mean to me the whole world, You are my other half & my soul twin don't forget this, I hope you will understand my situation & you will do the right thing for me, With my best regards for you from all my heart with my big hot kisses for you.

Your Lover Forever In Whole Your Life
The Romantic Man
Ali Sabry

by Ali Sabry

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