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Song: Guerillas In The Mist
DS (270552 / Australia)

Song: Guerillas In The Mist

Poem By David SmithWhite

This place to us was so sublime.
We thought it would last all of time.
But now it's gone, it's such a crime;
we long for past days.
I sing to shame, not just to blame,
but it started when the hunters came.
They have caused us so much pain.
We wish they'd go away.

We creatures lived content and free,
in gentle peace and harmony.
We were like a family,
I am glad to say.
Tranquil was our forest dell.
Over us, it cast a spell.
I remember it so well;
seems like yesterday.

I'm singing of the woodlands, now.
We grazed beneath it's leafy bough.
It gives us shelter, like a friend;
we just can't let it die, or ever end.

We're running scared, we're out of breath;
we're starved and chased, and run to death.
It make me sad, and so depressed;
we have no place to go.
They would destroy our forest lands.
With wide roads and mining scams.
We wonder if you understand,
or really want to know:

that we're living on the threshold, now,
of life and death, but still somehow
we'll take the fight to them until,
we stop their crazy plans, and we will!

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